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Hair Care

Let our salon take care of your hair because we are experts in all hair care techniques. Hair oil and hair colour with hair texturizer are two examples of our experience in these categories. Shampo and conditioners for frizz-free hair spray and curls.

nail services

Planetcolorsalon is one of the well-known nail salons. We have high-quality nail polishes, and our flagship brand is a hybrid polish that can be applied to both natural and artificial nails. It is free of arsenic and iodine and can be washed. It would last two to three months in standard operation. Soap could be applied in a couple of moments if method essentially, with hardly any risk to the individual nail.

bridal makeup

It’s a big deal to entrust someone with your makeup on your wedding day. The fear of appearing slightly red or mottled in your wedding photographs would have been enough to compel you to purchase in the best. We’ve rounded up the best makeup artists in the industry for you. Please don’t hesitate to contact planetcolorsalon.

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About us

Planetcolorsalon is a new wave of beauty salons and hair services that has been in the market for years and now have  arrived  in your area. A Brighter Future In Hairdressing, and an exclusive  service. You can also purchase your items from our website and do it yourself at home with our expert guidance, or simply relax and let us apply it in the salon.